Inside the Home

  • Entry: This is your first interior impression. Make sure it is well lit and clean. Repaint or re-paper walls if needed. Make sure the floors are shiny clean or if carpeted keep it clean. Make sure the switch plates are not cracked and cleaned.
  • Personalization: From this point on, keep the personalization low key. Make the buyer be able to visualize their family in this home. Keep family pictures at a minimum. A good rule here is that if something makes a strong personal statement, it may be better to pack it early, or change it. Examples include, but not limited to:

o Unusual wall colors
o Heavily patterned wallpaper
o Unusual art
o Strong political or religious statements

By showing the home as cared for and comfortable, we give the buyer the ability to step back and visualize themselves here, in “their home”.

  • Color: The most favorable reaction to homes come from seeing light, neutral colors on the exterior, and interior. Use bright colors ONLY to accent, such as, fresh flowers, area rugs, bathroom accessories, etc.
  • Light: A bright, well-lit property creates a favorable impression. Keep windows shiny clean, use adequate wattage light bulbs. If you have a dark spot in a room, consider track lights. They can be inexpensive and easy to install, yet provide great effort.
  • Sounds: Keep sounds minimal. Light classical or instrumental music can be upbeat. Loud rock can be noise pollution to some buyers. If in doubt, peace and quite may be best.
  • Smell: This is an area of GREAT IMPACT. Smell can work for you or against you. Let’s get right to the offensive stuff:
    • Pet Smells: Everybody loves their pets but nobody wants to buy your pet’s odor as part of the home. This is an area where your real estate consultant needs to reach down and muster all the courage they have to tell you honestly how Mr. & Mrs. Buyer will perceive your home if your pet’s odor is what greets them at the door. You have to be very diligent in this matter. It can cost you in time and money if it becomes an issue. Discuss what needs to be done to clean up the odors with your real estate professional. Don’t take offense. We are working together toward a common goal. Other offensive odors include tobacco, cooking odors, gas, oil, and mildew.
    • Good Odors:
      o The Smell of Newness: This can be achieved by applying a coat of latex paint to the walls and a fresh coat of polyurethane to natural woods.
      o The Smell of Cleanliness: This smell is vital. Don’t go overboard on the strong chemicals. Normal cleaning with regular cleaning supplies goes far in creating this smell. Lemon oil or lemon wax tends to linger without creating the overbearing chemical smells. Fresh flowers, softly scented candles, or potpourri will help. Place a plate of vanilla in a warm oven to create the smell of fresh baked cookies or bread. Put a fresh box of baking soda in the refrigerator to freshen in up.

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