It’s Never Too Early to Start Spring Cleaning!

By: Lori Stephan, Country Pride Realty, Inc.  Broker/Owner since 1999

           When refreshing spring weather begins to roll in, wouldn’t you rather be outside enjoying it, rather than inside cleaning?
This year, tackle those spring cleaning jobs early so that spring can be a time of relaxation and enjoyment.

            Even during the dreariest months, there are many tasks that can be completed.  Here are some tasks that don’t need to wait for warmer weather:

  • Polish your wooden cabinets.  You don’t need to replace wooden cabinets when they lose their luster.  A thorough cleaning, followed by a moisturizing polish, can make old cabinets look new.  The most common method of cleaning cabinetry is with a little Woolite and water.  But if you want to restore luster and shine, try a product like Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner, followed by Touch of Beeswax Wood Preserver.  Simply spray the cleaner on a wooden surface, wait a few minutes, and then rub 0000-grade steel wool in the direction of the grain.  Finish cleaning by wiping the wood with soft terrycloth, then use the preserver.  Cabinets will shine, giving your kitchen a spring fresh look.
  • Clean your carpets.  Carpets can be a major trap for dust and pet hair, not to mention the salt and dried mud that have been tracked in from winter shoes.  There are many professional services to choose from, but for those do it yourselfers, renting or buying a carpet cleaner can save bundles of money.  The Oreck Rinse-A-Matic can shampoo, rinse and dry carpeted floors, and, as a bonus, can also rinse, scrub and dry kitchen floors.
  • Say goodbye to mineral stains.  Mineral deposits look depressing on windows and shower stalls.  And while cleaning the windows is often a warm weather job, there’s no reason to put off cleaning the bathroom.  Hard water stains on glass shower doors and windows look unattractive, so remove then with specialized products like CLR, Lime Away or Bring It On Cleaner.  Some hard water stains will often yield to scrubbing with white vinegar and a non-scratch pad.  If you find that vinegar is ineffective, resort to stronger chemicals.

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